Windows Azure IP RTM was released 9 days ago

Windows Azure Integration Pack for Orchestrator in System Center 2012 SP1

TechNet Reference:


Word Press article:


All IPs of Orchestrator:

All SC2012 SP1 Products:



Additional matiarial:

The Manageability Guys



Note: About what does "Add VM Data Disk" do in Windows Azure IP:

  1. Add VM Data Disk with DiskInBlobStorage is “create a new VHD in Blob storage then attached it to a role”
  1. Add VM Data Disk with DiskInImageRepository is “attached an exist Disk(which is created from a VHD) to a role”
  1. Add VM Data Disk with MountedDiskImageInBlobStorage is “Attached an exist VHD in Blob storage(which will create a new Disk in Azure) to a role”

Basic about "Add VM Data Disk":

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